Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

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What is ServiceCentres.Org

ServiceCentres.Org is a directory system only for various service centres operating in India. Business users can list their service centres on ServiceCentres.Org. Customers can go through the existing reviews written by real users and also write their own reviews on ServiceCentres.Org.

I am a business owner. What benefit I am going to get by listing my service centre in ServiceCentres.Org?

ServiceCentres.Org is an open platform where the general public can write about their experiences with service centres. Business users can directly interact with their customers, resolve their issues and gain more reputation among their customers.

I am a customer and I want to write review about a service centre, should I register on ServiceCentres.Org?

Registration is not mandatory but we strongly recommend you to register before writing your review so that the business owners can contact you if needed to resolve your issues. However you can subscribe to the thread so that you will be notified if someone reply.

What is service credit?

Service credit is a point system, more service credit means more reputation. You can earn service credits using the following methods:

  • Registering at ServiceCentres.Org - 10 service credits
  • Daily Login - 1 service credit
  • Profile Completion - 10 service credits
  • Invite Friends - 1 service credit
  • Invite Friends with success - 10 service credits
  • Writing a review - 5 service credits
  • Vote Up - 2 service credits for the review author
  • Vote Down - (-)1 service credits for the review author

Can I redeem my service credits?

Currently you can not redeem your service credits but we are working with our business partners to come up with a redumption plan. Stay tuned!