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0 # Horible service provide by service centerVyankatesh sangkekar 2016-12-13 12:23
Rating: (1/5)
Horible service provide. Product taking with out job tiket. , not providing any return job slip after taking product
0 # Remarked it good..Mukul Shekhawat 2015-12-14 16:49
I have a sony xperia phone since it was working well from last 2 year but suddenly its camera was not functioning well clicking pics so blurry as I never believe on mobile repairing shops then I contacted ccom referred by my cousin sister I had fix a online complain and they collected my phone from my house and they assured me they will repair it within 3 working days and really they did it. i had like their quick service.
0 # SHIT service CentreSupreet 2014-11-01 19:07
Rating: (1/5)
Hope I was able to give it "None" or "Negative stars".

In short, this is a SHIT Service centre.

1. If you are submitting your mobile, for whatever reason here, its better to forget about it because anyways, they are not going to return it to you.

2. The contact number of the Centre is "ALWAYS" busy. So you can not call them and check.You HAVE to travel to their centre.

It sends out false notifications on mobile so you have to Travel all the way to the Centre just to discover that it was False notification.

3. It will make you sick of ridiculous excuses for not returning your mobile.

4. Even for petty tasks, you'll easily waste 2-3 hours at the centre.

5. The centre refuses to share contact numbers of higher management.

So basically, you'll deposit your mobile, will get fed up of visiting this centre in vain and will eventually give up. Hence loosing your mobile. Smart move Ccom !

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