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-1 # GOODVaruan 2017-03-07 12:34
Rating: (5/5)
-1 # Worst! Horrible! Cheaters! Incompetent!Girish Kaundinya 2015-08-12 15:17
Rating: (1/5)
Horrible! Worst service centre and the worst smart phone (Lumia 720) so far!. I had got my Lumia 720 repaired for volume down button issue and touch screen issue. The volume down button is a manufacturing defect, as it stopped working within few weeks of usage and it was repeated fixed during the warranty period. They charged me Rs. 3000+ to fix the volume down button issue and the total another Rs. 3400+ to fix the touch screen. In total they charged me Rs 7400+ and what is suspicious was they refused to give a break-up of the cost! After the repair the phone worked exactly for 30 days, which is the warranty period and stopped working after that. When i took the phone back to them they refused to repair it saying it was repaired somewhere else before. Even though i showed them the bill that it was repaired at their centre, they refused to accept it. I was made to pay 18000+7400 for a highly incompetent phone by Nokia/Microsoft and now they refuse to repair it.
Please do not buy Microsoft phones, at least in Bangalore, as the service is very poor and incompetent. If you have already purchased, then please do not give your phone for repair, they might replace it with old parts and like in my case remove the parts and claim not to repair later!

Good bye Nokia/Microsoft phones! you shouldn't encourage your service providers to cheat the customers this way just because your phones aren't selling!

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