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+1 # Very bad experiencePuneet 2016-10-15 14:13
Rating: (1/5)
Worst service center. I had very bad experience with them. I had problem with my Samsung fridge and their technician came after registering complain with Samsung. First their said problem is with Thermostat and replaced that and charged 1500. After few days the problem reappeared and then they said problem is with dryer and replaced that and charged 2500. After i month again problem reappeared and now they are asking to replace other parts. I could have bought a new fridge instead. Spoiling the brand name of samsung. Next time you go for servicing any Samsung appliance, specifically say that you don't want service through Unique service solution
+1 # Worst service solutionsMurali 2016-05-02 12:33
Rating: (1/5)
:oops: One of the worst services ever witnessed in my life.
Complaint No:4212498238
Raised Date:April 9 2016
After one month still not solved, paid :2500 Rs.
2 technician visited, replaced even compressor,.No use, still the same.
I have called 100 times to office, manger, technician.Nobo dy cares about customer
nor responds, Worst!! Worst!!Worst !!. I have hope everybody understood my pain.
0 # Good oneSajith 2013-05-31 16:53
Nice site for reviewing service centres!!! Do you have an Androip app where I can locate nearby service centres?
0 # Split ACAsok Kumar 2013-05-03 15:54
Rating: (1/5)
Your service person came to day & charged Rs 450/- & the bad smell from the Ac remains.Your phone number given in the receipt 32552558 is not correct.Most irresponsible way of giving service.Pls reply & talk to me on 09243136281.Aso k Kumar.
+3 # Washing machine serviceBrandon 2012-12-26 16:19
Rating: (1/5)
:D I was pretty disappointed with the service provided by this firm for Samsung washing machine. The drum is fine; motor is working fine, etc. There is only water leakage - the response without even looking into the problem is - Please exchange this machine as it is too old and you cannot get parts for it!
+1 # Worst service solutionMurali 2016-05-02 16:46
Rating: (1/5)
Worst service solutions.
Complaint No:4212498238
One month and several repeated calls.
Result:Fridge still not working
Response: We do not care about you.

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