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-1 # DrBhavani 2016-10-13 12:10
Given a complaint reg my lcd 32 in tv on 5th Oct. A technician came and said prob could be either power board or mother board. charged 200 bucks and left. on asking for a receipt he said i would get it by mail. without anyone asking for a mail id how could they, i reply he said the company would call.its been 8 days, there's no call. i keep calling the toll free, they say they wl look into the matter. the local service center phone is always busy and the 2 times i got connected, no one answered.
I'm at my wits end.Didnt expect such slip shod response from sony . :sigh: :sad:
0 # Wqorst servicevijay 2015-11-16 11:15
Rating: (1/5)
Service is worst

i have took led 32 1 week back not yet come for installation and no response from call center.

bekar service from ss technologies side.

Service Req : ID : 28886395
-1 # worst responcejayanth 2015-07-22 12:25
Rating: (1/5)
i have a problem with yours services .i gave my mobile xperia Z3 on june 22nd but i didnt received my mobile till now.i gave my mobile in local service center of sony (S.S. TECHNOLOGIES) akkayapalem. when i went their and asked about my mobile they told me that they didnt received my mobile from head office and they told me to call toll free and register the complaint.when i called to toll free they said that is not our responsibility just go to the service center and ask them..
this is how your people are responding me .with in couple of days i need response from you people .

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